I am a Scientist passionate about Biomedical and Natural Sciences.  I possess a doctorate in Life Sciences and have a significant experience in the research environment acquired in different countries (United States, Switzerland, Serbia, and France).  My field of interest encompasses cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, diabetes and insulin deficiency. 

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia.  Since my childhood, I was surrounded by science, nature and knowledgeMy grandfather was a Professor at the University of Agriculture in Belgrade and a Research Scientist in the field of plant virologyHe was always a scientific inspiration for me.

I studied biochemistry at the Faculty of Sciences in Geneva, SwitzerlandAfter obtaining my PhD in Life Sciences at the University of Lausanne, I performed my Postdoctoral studies in the field of diabetes at Harvard Medical School in BostonToday, I live in GenevaI work as an Instructor/Lecturer in Metabolism at the Faculty of MedicineI speak French, English, Serbian and a little bit of German as well.

Besides research, I am interested in public health, scientific communication and writing as well as entrepreneurship and innovation in the biomedical area.

During my scientific training, I have been dealing mostly with pancreatic isletsThey are part of our body and are essential to our healthThe islets, named after Paul Langerhans (who discovered them in 1869), are miniorgans localized in our pancreasThey are present among other cells of the pancreas, the nerves, and the vascularizationThe islets consist of cells which produce and release hormonesThe major part of the islet is composed of beta-cellsHighly specialized nutrients-sensors, the beta-cells produce insulinInsulin (discovered by Frederick Banting and Charles Best in 1921) is the hormone that regulates the level of sugar (glucose) in our blood and allows the distribution of this sugar to various organsIf insulin is no longer available, or if its role is reduced, diabetes mellitus develops giving rise to either type 1 diabetes (insulin-producing cells die) or type 2 diabetes (insulin-releasing cells are not functional and/or insulin is not efficient anymore in distributing sugar in peripheral tissues and cells).

My main interest in scientific research is to study mechanisms that increase the release of insulin from beta-cells and prevent the death of these cells in situation of metabolic stressIn addition, I am also interested in the treatments of insulin deficiency, a condition where insulin is almost or completely absent from the organism.